Trading Ascension

In Trading Ascension…

✅ We create the game-plan, goals, progression checklist and timelines so you’re crystal clear about your next steps.

✅ We’ll take you through a proven blueprint to getting to $10k/month trading, no matter your experience.

✅ Group call every Tuesday (120 minutes). We work on your trades in real-time + any questions you might have. Optional. Fun. There if you need it.

Private Trading Ascension Discord access to 50 + traders. We’re always taking and sharing trades in real-time together every day.

✅ Access to all Trading Ascension products, trainings, workshops, templates and strategies.

✅ We will help develop custom trainings + strategies for you if it meets your specific goals.


Client Interviews

Karim Davies: From FOMO-exiting to $100k Funded Trader

Karim shares his journey to becoming a $100k funded trader in a few months by using a simple strategy that he learn in Trading Ascension.

Andrew: How He Got Funded For $200k With A Simple Strategy

Andrew talks about his strategy to becoming a $200k funded trader and the challenges he overcame to achieve that. 

Chris Aiello: How He Started Trading Profitably A Few Weeks After The AOC Academy.

Chris talks about how he turned $2k into $8k then later went on to 10x several trading accounts a few weeks after joining our program.

Will Booth: Turning $15k Into $45k In 90 Days

Will talks about how he turned $15k into 45k and becoming a full time trader in 90 days after joining our program.

Choose Your Payment Plan


/week for 16 weeks
$ 375 Weekly for 16 weeks*
  • A game-plan for you to get to $10k/month
  • Private Trading Ascension Discord access to other like-minded traders.
  • Group collaboration calls to work on solutions to your porblems


One-time payment
$ 4,800 20% discount*
  • A game-plan for you to get to $10k/month
  • Private Trading Ascension Discord access to other like-minded traders.
  • Group collaboration calls to work on solutions to your porblems

Payment will be made on the next page after choosing your payment plan

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Answers to any questions or doubts that you might have.

Trading Ascension is 16 week program founded to help traders achieve their dream income by using a step-by-step blueprint. We aim to teach the necessary skills to become profitable and make the process as simple as possible.

We offer various course modules and step-by-step action items. Each member that enrolls gets access to our pre-recorded content, live weekly collaboration with me and my team, and a community full of like-minded traders.

Phase 1: In this 16 weeks program, we get clear on your goal, trading style and gameplan. You get a straightforward path that allows you to add $10,000/month to your income.

Phase 2: We execute your plan together. You’ll get the Trading Ascension Resources, Coaches, Accountability and Community on your side to maximize your chances of success.

Phase 3: You can decide whether to enjoy your freedom your new skill gives you – or push to see how far you can. 

In Trading Ascension, you will be getting personal access to me and my team of traders who will guide you on your journey to becoming a funded trader. We also have 1:1 customer success managers that will guide you on your way to becoming profitable as a trader which you will not find in Trading Accelerator.

We have weekly collaboration sessions where we go through questions live with the members which will be recorded and accessible anytime. We also have pre-recorded course content that you can go through at your own pace. 

Yes. Trading Ascension is designed to teach you how to become a profitable and funded trader. We welcome anyone willing to put in the work even if they don’t have prior experience in trading.

We have dedicated people called the “Grand Strategist” to help you through whatever you may be facing. We also host weekly collaboration sessions to work through your problems live and a support team you can email at

It depends. The speed of your success depends on the amount of committed hours you put in. We have traders who put in 3 – 4 hours a day fully committed to learning and manage to quit their full-time jobs in 90 days.

Upfront investment: I understand that sending $4,800 to someone from the internet can be scary, so here’s your guarantee:

In the first 30 days, if you’ve followed the steps and are not getting the results you are looking for, let us know and we will give you your full money back.

Payment plan: We’ve found that the people who make the investment upfront tend to achieve much greater success. We think it’s because they have skin in the game, hence they commit more. We reward that commitment with a guarantee. Unfortunately, we will be unable to offer any refunds/guarantees if you choose the payment plan.

But otherwise. No big promises. Just a small guarantee to ensure you don’t feel daunted about sending $5k to a stranger from the internet.