The AOC Academy

Learn to trade, elevate your mind, and discover more freedom.

Join a comprehensive trading education group that teaches you how to trade the financial markets - profitably - with no prior experience necessary.

If you...

  • Find yourself always feeling uncertain about what to do when the market dumps…

  • Or find yourself feeling very panicky when your coins go into the red

  • Or perhaps you find yourself unable to go to sleep because you don’t know what the market is going to do next…

  • Maybe you always seem to buy the coins that do absolutely nothing, and then you feel really bad when you see every other coin pumps except for yours…

  • Maybe you feel a deep sense of FOMO every time you see that small-cap gem pump, while you are stuck holding doge at a loss…

But most importantly, if you find yourself unable to trust your own analysis, always wondering if it is a good time to buy, or a good time to take profits, to cut losses, or to buy the dips…

Then this group is going to be
PERFECT for you.

Does this work?

I understand exactly what you’re thinking.

99% of “mentors” and “signals groups” in the crypto space are full of sh*t. For those who’ve had the fortune – or misfortune – to have joined one of these groups in the past will know that you’re much more likely to lose your hard-earned cash than to make some.

It’s simply the harsh reality of the space where most people are just out to make a quick buck, without actually helping you make a transformation.

But that’s not us.

We create profitable traders.

That’s simply what we do.

See, when you join the AOC Academy,
you will get access to a trading course unlike any other.

We understand that feeling of being completely overwhelmed when approaching these financial markets. 
There’s always the question of:
– Which timeframe should I be using?
– Which indicators are the most effective? Do these even work?
– What should I do if my position is in a loss?
– When do I take profit??
– How long do these trades usually take to play out???
– Why are there so many things to think about????
– F*ck these markets, nobody makes money trading anyways, it’s all just a scam
That’s why, we tailored the trading course to specifically answer questions like these.

More Importantly

It’ll allow you to finally look at the markets,
and understand what you’re seeing.

You will know exactly what you’re looking for on a day-to-day basis.

No more confusion, no more second-guessing your analysis, no more chasing bad trades.

Just think about that, how much would that be worth to you?

along with getting access to this proprietary trading system, you will also get:

Don't listen to me,
Listen to them.

Find out what aspiring traders like you have to say about the group. 

Forget the trading setups.

Forget the calls.

If I told you that the knowledge you acquire in this group will stay with you for a lifetime. Allowing you to thrive in any market, whether it be forex, stocks, bull, or bear.

How much would that be worth to you ?

So sign up now. Spots are limited. And prices will rise.



$ 150 /Monthly


$ 595 /Semi-Annually ($99/month)


$ 895 /Annually ($74/month)
Best Value

To pay with crypto,

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