The AOC Academy

Learn to trade, elevate your mind, and discover more freedom.

Join a comprehensive trading education group that teaches you how to trade the financial markets - profitably - with no prior experience necessary.

If you...

  • Find yourself always feeling uncertain about what to do when the market dumps…

  • Or find yourself feeling very panicky when your coins go into the red

  • Or perhaps you find yourself unable to go to sleep because you don’t know what the market is going to do next…

  • Maybe you always seem to buy the coins that do absolutely nothing, and then you feel really bad when you see every other coin pumps except for yours…

  • Maybe you feel a deep sense of FOMO every time you see that small-cap gem pump, while you are stuck holding doge at a loss…

But most importantly, if you find yourself unable to trust your own analysis, always wondering if it is a good time to buy, or a good time to take profits, to cut losses, or to buy the dips…

Then this group is going to be
PERFECT for you.

Does this work?

I understand exactly what you’re thinking.

99% of “mentors” and “signals groups” in the crypto space are full of sh*t. For those who’ve had the fortune – or misfortune – to have joined one of these groups in the past will know that you’re much more likely to lose your hard-earned cash than to make some.

It’s simply the harsh reality of the space where most people are just out to make a quick buck, without actually helping you make a transformation.

But that’s not us.

We create profitable traders.

That’s simply what we do.

In the group, you will get:

Don't listen to me,
Listen to them.

Find out what aspiring traders like you have to say about the group. 

Forget the trading setups.

Forget the calls.

If I told you that the knowledge you acquire in this group will stay with you for a lifetime. Allowing you to thrive in any market, whether it be forex, stocks, bull, or bear.

How much would that be worth to you ?

So sign up now. Spots are limited. And prices will rise.



$ 450 /3-Months ($150/month)


$ 595 /Semi-Annually ($99/month)


$ 895 /Annually ($74/month)
Best Value

To pay with crypto,

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Most free “trading courses” suck.

We get it.

They’re simple not worth your time.

But this will change how you trade.

No-BS. No fluff. No time-wasters.

Just pure value.

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