Your Questions Answered

To pay using crypto

Please send the corresponding amount of USDT to:

TERaNfUaTAUBU4bRf7EwK1KNTghbWoAk48 (TRC20)

0x8827befdd6a68b0027442c64cd83a250d3f3fa4d (ERC20)


If at all possible, please use TRC20 because it will be MUCH cheaper than ERC20 in terms of fees. TRC20 fee is only 1USDT per transaction while ERC20 can go up to hundreds.

Please send ONLY USDT and MAKE SURE to select the correct network (TRC20 or ERC20). If you send on wrong network the funds will be gone forever, recovery is impossible. Remember to include enough to cover fees as well.

Please note this is a UPFRONT purchase whereby you pay for 6/12 months upfront

ANNUAL 895 USDT ($74/month)

SEMI-ANNUAL 595 USDT ($99/month)

Once done please send a screenshot of the transaction to [email protected] . Please also include your Discord Name and #TAG. It will look something like this DiscordName#4587. Once done my team will send you an invite link through email within 12 hours.

FOR THOSE LOOKING TO SIGN UP ON MONTHLY, it is closed until further notice as we are having really high demand

MONTHLY IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. As constantly mentioned in my YouTube videos, I will be closing monthly sign-ups once we reach 300 members and as of now we have hit that milestone. I will update on Twitter or Telegram when spots open up again so make sure you’re following either one of those.

Semi-Annual and above are still open though.

Edit: Looking to open monthly sign-ups some time during early 2022.

After you subscribe for MONTHLY, just open your discord account, you will automatically be added to the server, if you dont see access to the server, make sure you used the correct discord account (i.e. use the discord account you paid with)

If it still doesnt work, go to upgrade.chat/profile and an invite link should be there

FOR SEMI ANNUAL AND ABOVE Please wait up to 12 hours for me to confirm your payment and manually send you an invite link to the discord group. Thank you

If you find your first month in the AOC Discord to be worthwhile and you want to upgrade to the Semi-Annual, Annual or Lifetime plans.

All you have to do is cancel your monthly membership at upgrade.chat/profile . Then proceed to send me the payment in crypto. Allow me up to 12 hours to confirm the transaction, then you will be given access to the discord server again.

For existing monthly members that want to continue paying monthly. You don’t need to do anything. upgrade.chat will automatically charge your card every 30 days from the date of subscription.

There is no guarantee that you will make money from joining the group. However, we’ve had many people go from knowing NOTHING about the markets to consistently making good money in a very short amount of time after going through the trading education.

As a side note, I am also known as “The Sniper” and there is good reason for that.

Thus, I will try to help everyone get to a point where they are able to 10x-20x their portfolios easily. Without my direct involvement.

Usually high. I don’t make calls unless I am absolutely certain about them. I have people in the group putting their trust in me. So you can too.

Usually daily. But again, I don’t make calls simply for the sake of making calls. I want to make sure they’re profitable. Just keep that in mind.

Honestly speaking. If you truly absorb everything that I teach in the group, you’ll easily be able to turn $100 into $1000, and similarly for $1000 to $10000. (In fact I regularly do a $1000 to $10000 challenge where everyone in the group can follow along and take the exact same trades as I do)

If you can’t turn 100 to 1k, you’re gonna find it hard to turn 1k to 10k too. Skill is what matters here.

So honestly. Any amount of money will work. But of course, the more the easier.

Yes. And these exact entries tend to be WILDLY profitable. 

Everything. Whilst I personally mostly trade in futures with leverage. The calls I make are mostly spot.

And as a beginner, you should be using spot as well.

We trade everything from large caps, mid caps, small caps, bsc gems, ada, sol, uni, dot and all the other micro caps. Basically. We trade anything and everything as long as they are good trades to take.


The calls I make are usually on the 4-hour timeframe and above, so they are not time-sensitive. Even if you live on the other side of the world, it will still be relevant. In fact, often time I even give exact limit entries, so all you have to do is place a bid at that price. And go along with your day.


I like to keep the group manageable and quality. I don’t like too many people joining at once. Preferably, I’d like to be able to dedicate more attention to the new members, I can’t do that if there are too many new members at once.


When I determine it is a good time to open it again. Usually once a month.

No. I believe in the things I do for the group. And so do the other hundreds of members who are making a KILLING in the group. Either you trust me. Or don’t sign up.

No, as I mentioned. Either you trust me, or don’t sign up.

Currently it’s $125 for the monthly plan as of August 14 2021

$99/month if you sign up for 6-months straight

$74/month if you sign up for a year straight

Prices WILL increase in the future as we scale up our operations

Due to popular demand and basic supply/demand, we may change the price over time.

That means if you were an Early Adopter ($47/month) and you decide to cancel your membership and re-apply when the price is at $97/month. I’m sorry but you will have to pay the new prices. This is to reward loyalty.

Besides, why would you leave if you’re making some absurd gains in the group. I’m just saying.

Please go to upgrade.chat/profile and cancel.

Otherwise just leave the server. Note the moment you leave the server, your subscription will automatically be cancelled and there is no way for you to rejoin the server without subscribing again.

And if that happens accidentally, there will be no refunds.

Make sure you pay attention to this

upgrade.chat/profile and look for support there, the payment and membership application process is fully handled by upgrade.chat

For now you will get the Year 1 role and it is an exclusive role.

We plan to continue to make absolutely legendary gains during the bear market. So this group will always be around.

(A) Patreon or upgrade.chat tried to bill you, but it has been declined. Please make sure you have enough funds in your card by the time billing occurs (every 30 days from the date you first subscribed). Otherwise you will get booted after 7 days of failed payments.

(B) You cancelled your subscription or it ran out. In that case, you will have to wait until sign-ups reopen before being able to join the group again.

Yes, we do. Only for Annual, Semi-Annual and Lifetime memberships though. Not for monthly memberships. For monthly memberships just subscribe normally through upgrade.chat/theartofcrypto

Yes, especially if you are trading in futures. We recommend you put only 5%-15% of your portfolio in futures, and keep the rest 85% in spot.

Trading is inherently risky and there is always a chance that you will lose money. Thus, by signing up to the AOC Discord, you are agreeing that there is inherent risk in any trade taken using live funds and you acknowledge that it has no relation at all to The Art of Crypto group at all.

Trading is risky and you agree that is the case when signing up.

Yes, crypto is by and large a speculative asset class. But I am sure the reason you are considering this group is because you believe in the future prospects of this asset class and you want to maximise your exposure in crypto before it revolutionizes the world.

But otherwise, yes. Crypto is riskier than traditional investments and we will NOT be responsible for any losses you incur in the markets. We will try EVERYTHING in our power to educate you so that you do NOT lose money in the markets. But losses are a part of the game. Risk management is too.

Absolutely not.

No one in this group, including myself, possess legal certifications nor do I possess the qualifications to give you financial advice. This group is primarily a place for you to get an education and to join a community of like-minded people so that we may grow together, and it should be treated as such. Any trades taken should be done in a demo account (paper trading account) so that you may not risk live funds.

Thus, any losses or profits incurred while in this group has no direct involvement with myself or anyone in the group and occurs solely based on your own accord.

All responsibility with losses and wins lies with you and you alone and The Art of Crypto group is not liable at all.

As such, any profits or losses do not have any direct correlation with The Art of Crypto AT ALL. Thus, we do not profit nor have ANY direct involvement with trading.

This is an educational group, and that is all.